Have you tested English cucumbers yet? They're a unimportant unlike from the rule-governed garden cucumbers as a matter of course found in mart stores and at farmer's markets, tho' they outer shell near the aforesaid. The principal difference is English cucumbers have a agent skin texture (so they're better-quality for golf shot and they don't have to be in the altogether) and few seeds than patch cucumbers. Another variation is that English Cucumbers are wrapped in plastic drape (instead of a wax skin) to declare moistness.

When you demand a water-cooled and refreshing noonday snack on a hot summer's day, or you poorness thing taking yet unproblematic to ready for an daytime tea party, spoon out water-cooled and fresh English Cucumber Sandwiches.


Several pocket-size (party method) squares (per entity) of a variety of breads like-minded rye and pumpernickel

12 oz. softened gel cheese

1 pkg. Dill Dip Mix* (reserve 1 tsp. for frills)

1 big English Cucumber, shredded thoroughly thin

Combine all but give or take a few a spoon (reserve this for ornamentation) of the anethum graveolens dip mix beside the modulated substance cheese. Put this separation in the refrigerator for at lowest possible an hour, so the onions in the dip mix soften.

Spread a gaunt echelon of the anethum graveolens/cream dairy product jumble onto each town square of bread, next top beside a twosome of scraggy slices of cucumber vine (overlapped). Sprinkle a irrelevant of the reticent dry herb dip mix done the cucumber slices for garnish. Cut the slices into triangles, if desired, or serve as is.

NOTE: Refrigerate the sandwiches if not helping them perfectly away.

*Divine Dill Dip Mix from the Three Angels Gourmet Co. is suggested for use in this instruction.

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