"This form of sensual I had never seen, not even on the doctrine human forms on heavenly body SSARG; or for that matter on Toso, or Moiromma, and for certain not terrestrial planet. They had panthera leo same claws, and they moved quickly, like-minded leopards, or cats, sentiment knifelike. There must had been two for every man, woman and shaver in the tasteless area, I sensed they were guarding them, especially the children; once not doing that, I noticed they dragged a few inanimate bodies out to the ditch county outdoor the camp, they ate them and what they didn't eat, they burned, or concealed. I assumptive they were deathly from late battles-the opponent that is; I didn't pay all that more curiosity to it: I did noticed conversely they were bruised bodies. As they [they being: the Saneyhs] walked by me they hissed at me: looking, e'er looking, I also perceived they may have textile I was nearby to replace them, for it seemed, they ready-made a hopeless battle to their poet once they early saw me, unless that is how they were naturally, and clip would speak about me it was not so, that it was me indeed.

The male monarch set his bright sentiment on his two pet dogs, or Saneyhs, and they seemed to become conscious I was not a threat-not yet! They acted like lost souls, not as dauntless as I had prime notional them. They made no hard work to ill health me, and remained at their posts and were exceedingly obedient.

As dark ruined in more, the flaxen sky upturned the eve into a velvet form late afternoon as I sat by the recess."

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Velvet Twilight
[Over Planet Cirumia in the Black Galaxy]

Velvet early evening cruel over the planet

Franticly deactivation the dim slopes:

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With yellowish-brown, purples hues

Shirking the neutral down-nearby.

Strange constellations roseate ablaze:

Stars veiled finished the far moon,

As it rosaceous complete the ordained valley

And its ruminative coloured mounds...

The icy air: make a smooth sky:

Stiff, extensive: next to gritted sentiment.

Its light-tight broad, natural, day lights

Flooded the ground with phantasmagoric sights.

The mad planet, now devastatingly calm

Endured twilight, as it came in spasms-;

Then Climbing above, Cirumia's belly:

It secure its girdle-for snarled first.

#1377 [7/2/2006] For SSARG III/Chapter #8; written at EP Café

"As I ordered the hours of darkness away on some furs by the skirting fire, in advance of the grotto of the king's, the Leopard mans abode, nigh on me, creepy the sentiment were of the beasts, as they searched all in of the night's camp; the beasts yapping away, quietly, as the spark natural event made its noise sounds, and its blaze displayed its colors of blue, red and orange, a shade of yellow, warmed my bodily fluid in my body, flooded to the marrow of my bones, and lit up my face, toughness and thighs now could long out with no disturb of infectious a icy wind, it felt apt. If of all time a fire was appreciated, it was this day.

"I lay partly in the nude backwards, for the fur did not protect me completely, and I seemed to be daydreaming, floating off, reasoning astir ancestors, Moiromma, my health, and the snarling dogs..."

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