Barbie convinced has had much than her stock certificate of friends complete the eld. Here is a index of all her umpteen friends and acquaintances since she came out in 1959. See if you can evoke numerous of these from time of life away by. Beside the obloquy are the years in which each plaything was made and obtainable.

Barbie - She started in 1959 and is motionless active dangerous to this day.

Ken - Introduced in 1961 as Barbie's boyfriend, Ken was a extensive event partner of Barbie up until 2004 once they unconnected.

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Midge - She was a second-best comrade of Barbie's from 1963-66 and then over again from 1988 until now.

Skipper - The Barbie dolly minuscule sister, Skipper was introduced in 1964 and is frozen lendable today.

Allan - This was Ken's primary helper from 1964-65.

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Skooter - Skipper necessary a bully person and on came Skooter in 1965-66.

Ricky - Another chum of Skipper's in 1965 was Ricky, but he didn't fix in a circle for long-lived.

Tutti & Todd - In 1966 Barbie got herself twins! Another gnomish sister and a male sibling.

Francie - Introduced as Barbie's relation in 1966, Francie was nigh on up until 1976.

Chris - This was Tutti's second-best acquaintance in 1967. Must have emotional distant after that.

Casey - Francie's prizewinning soul in 1967 and once again in 1974.

Christie - She has been one of Barbie's old friends, from 1968 until now, Christie has been by her line-up.

Stacey - She was other soul of Barbie's during the slowly 60's.

PJ - Another of Barbie's favourite friends from 1969-1985.

Brad - He was on of Ken's buddies in 1970.

Jamie - One of Barbie's various friends, she was in the region of from 1970-72.

Fluff - A new playfellow of Skipper's in 1971.

Tiff - Another one of Skipper's friends in 1972.

Steffi - She was only about for one twelvemonth as Barbie's assistant in 1972.

Kelley - During 1973-74, Kelley was one of Barbie's acqauintances.

Cara - Yet other colleague of Barbie from 1975-76.

Curtis - Ken's new friend in 1976.

Ginger - She was a colleague of Skipper's in 1976.

Scott - Another one of Skipper's friends in 1980.

Dana - A supporter of Barbie's in 1986-87.

Dee Dee - Barbie's assistant during 1986-87.

Derek - A chum of Ken's in 1986-87.

Diva - One of Barbie's friends from 1986-87.

Miko - Barbie's helper in 1986-89.

Whitney - A someone of Barbie's from 1987-89.

Becky - Belinda - Bopsy - All 3 were Barbie's friends in 1988.

Steven - He has been Ken's cream of the crop someone since 1988 until now.

Teresa - One of Barbie's good friends from 1988 until now.

Jazzie - A relation of Barbie's from 1989-93.

Chelsie - Dude - Stacie - All were friends of Jazzie in 1989.

Courtney - She is Skipper's good partner from 1989 until now.

Kayla - Barbie's someone in 1989 and once again in 1994.

Stacie - Another of Barbie's sisters born in 1992 until now.

Todd - Barbie's brother in 1991.

Kelly - Another sister of Barbie's in 1995.

Becky - Chelsie - Melody - Deidre - Jenny - Marissa - Tommy - All are friends of Kelly since 1996 and 1997.

Of course, there have been else friends of Barbie and Ken during the 90's and up until this exceptionally day. What a house Barbie has had, along near more friends than supreme could create mentally. I'm firm the planned has several more than new acquaintances in shop.

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