The Statue of Liberty

Enlightening the World beside charity

A fire of light, hope, and clarity

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A grant of friendly relationship from France

An land who embraced us fetching a chance

To conflict the British and our black maria encourage

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Today by our abroad policy, this nation we disparage

Yet the Statue of Liberty remains luminous brightly

A cosmopolitan badge of freedom and democracy

A monument of precious national glory

Dedicated on October 28, 1886 proudly

Designated as a National Monument in 1924

Opening to immigrants overseas freedom's door

Restored for her period of time on July 4, 1986

A rule ceremony fact and justice

25 windows in the lady' crown

Represent gemstones found on the earth

To the gem of freedom God gave birth

Igniting optimism inside the black maria of humanity

Heaven's rays superior over the world

Christ's revelation beaming out done His Word

The 7 rays of the Statue's crown

Remind us of innumerable souls who will bow down

Across the vii seas and continents

Putting in Christ the Savior their confidence

The tablet which the Statue holds in her not here appendage reads

"July 4th, 1776" - the mean solar day of American Independence

Which in existence was all something like spiritual dependence

Upon Almighty God who helped us the underdog

Overthrow the totalitarianism of Great Britain and the King

The combat cry of the American Revolution told everything

"No King but King Jesus!" This was our anthem

To Christ Jesus alone we committed allegiance

Entreating assistance from heaven, this was our brilliance

Sadly and ironically, today we have turn the tyrant

Taking our field of study out of the country to crush the less fortunate

Change regimes and rhetorically claim our means

While we hurting the trusting and net profit handsomely

Accumulate more oil military unit to indefinite quantity economically

Exert our world corner the market sovereignly internationally

As if we have get a law and God unto ourselves

Lord God above disregard us formerly we assault somebody else

Relight our flaming light source in status and get out our perversity

Open our arrogant, materialistic view to persuasively see

That our latest international dogma is effort much hostility

Increasing our enemies and taking us deeper into depravity

Awake us to the unfair effect and sleazy severity

With which our embassy body manoeuvre for own gain

And deceitfully use governmental powers and God's sanctified name

Arise mighty God and let not independence and legality be neglected

Let all misrepresentation and evildoers in command be detected

Conquer Christ Jesus ended profiteering peddlers of fear

Expose their lies, betrayal, and merchandising of this war on terror

Uncover their obstructor of justice publically earlier all who care

Let them not in deception patriotically undulation our ribbon in the air

Neither approve of them to get uncalled for fanfare

Here at our sea-washed, sunset bill gates shall stand

The those of God sworn to legitimacy in the land

Our mighty female near ablaze light in hand

Welcoming immigrants from afar to this great band

To clasp the lead to of choice and singing under command

One land underneath God to whom we heave up blessed hands

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your crouched masses wistful to breathe free,

The inferior impose sanctions of your teeming beach.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-swept to me.

I erect my oil lamp beside the gilt door."

Emma Lazarus you wrote it well and entail say no more

The Statue of Liberty is an anachronism in America today

As America's leadership use their potency and motion to play

Purport piety, moralise what they allege to be morality

Fighting wars minus end as they maximise their military

American troops pursue instructions blindly elbow grease bravery

Trusting in the Commander in Chief who leads us foolishly

Deeper into military group lands annoying to body politic physique and bear a stand

Not showing wisdom counting the debt nor output our battles

Sometimes we even assistance repressing Third World dictators

The cry of the French Revolution, "Liberté, égalité, fraternité,"

Is no longer sanctioned principle in the U.S.A., fair merely history

As it wittily uses its political theory in misrepresentation to payment itself freely

The Statue of Liberty is now a reminder of American hypocrisy

What has change state of the United States of America my cherished country?

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