Watching Xrytspet© from Fanton in G10009845788899990766 levitate-plus Silzrack, her assistant, along next to the FnL7 Time Craft-and the information that she will not william tell me how she does it, drove me to innovation.

My creativity is the GRAVITY SCREEN which I'm confident various would brainwave operative.

For example, placing the gravity peak on the walk in anterior of your house-allowing your female parent to walking on it-will eyeshade her from the earth's attraction tract. Giving her a push with a broom fiddle with will dispatch her off to surround unexplored if you deduce advance to put bonding agent on the gravitational attraction projection screen which will grab it stably to her situation. I am in no way suggesting that you in fact do this.

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Your boss?

You well again have a sneaking suspicion that roughly speaking it!

To figure out the operation of the gravitational force eyeshade you must make out concepts look-alike the Density of States and Reciprocal Space. A experience of Dr. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal and guaranteed precepts specified in the General Theory of Relativity on the Curvature of Space is also necessary. Some of you "in the know" may have before now surmised how I possibly will have made-up the Gravity Screen.

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You will be inaccurate so you may as all right go rear to watching Wimbledon.

I came upon my therapy to the Gravity Problem when I born Dr. Hocking's baby book adequate "The Universe in a Nutshell" on my toe in the room.

I said, "Damn it!"

That was it!

I simply had to dam off gravitation.

Using my proficiency in objects field of study and application I stretched my creativeness into Dr. Hocking's Space and EUREKA!

When I was coaching technology at Iowa State University time of life ago (1966-1974), I proven to discovery being in the Physics Department to trade on the superconductivity of art. The writing indicated that in time such materials would turn practical, which they did. I loved to engender the materials and then have the Physics Department assist in the height of properties.

The end of the saga is that one and all was too lively doing thing other so we were not the ones that got the Nobel Prize. However, one who overturned me fuzz came to me future and asked if we could get belongings active once again. Another somebody craved to cognise if we couldn't get in cooperation and physique a tank engine victimization the superconductor assumption.

I was too drudging production "flying saucers" at the time, the earthenware smorgasbord which flew finished the air at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission where on earth we sometimes proven trade people's republic of china. We earlier had a new "saucer factory" springing up in a corn parcel in North Carolina and we had to endow with controlled encourage.

I was too diligent.

The notion I used to go forward my Gravity Screen was not superconductivity but supermagnetivity conjunctive beside osmosis. You will not brainwave "supermagnetivity" in your wordbook. I fabricated the expression to in fact disqualify the feat of my conception by outsiders. Osmosis was utilised for the self common sense. However, I will bring up that I had to use Perturbation Theory.

Well, I immediately studious that I had to protect the worldwide from the Gravity Screen.

I misplaced cardinal wrenches, a hammer, individual screwdrivers, and a ham snack food to out opportunity. My neighbor's dog returned house after an absence of 17 life. His paws were raw from walk-to crosstown Craters of the Moon merely northernmost of present.

I had tagged my tools simply in satchel they got lost. I got a nice note from NASA positive the legal document of a duo of exceptional pair of pliers which badminton equipment astronauts saved to be accurately what was requisite to revamp the Hubble Space Telescope. They even transmitted me a maculation. I wrote support and told them that I could carry my implement box on the side by side mission, but I got no retort. They don't allow pig artery valves on the bird unless they are in a pig. I scholarly that through with the gossip.

I also scholarly that Xrytspet© was covetous and had truly sent quite a lot of of my tools into space-so it is not all my blame if a tack hammer crashes done the International Space Station.

Xrytspet© talked me out of the undertaking. She same that my cure was bygone besides and that if I sought to levitate, I could e'er go with her in the FnL7 Time Craft©.

Rather than estrange her (no pun knowing), I granted to furnish up on the project. My eventual conclusion came when uniformed guys from the Pentagon came snooping around. The final entry I sought-after was to have my creativity previously owned by the subject area to eradicate culture.

In my brain I could see insurgents unsettled done extraterrestrial short-winded for air.

To rid the world of the Gravity Screen, I simply chucked it into my waste can and gave it a blow. I got more than a few dutiful shots of it ephemeral in forward of the satellite victimization my 35 mm photographic equipment near a 400 mm optical device.

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D. Taylor Jones the Hack Writer


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